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We've got the hat for your head! 
Akubra (Aboriginal word for head covering) is crafted from top quality fur felt. Akubras offer protection against sun, rain and snow. It is recognized as on of the world's finest hats. An Australian icon and a loyal 'mate' for life.
Akubra (fur felt): - Angler
  - Banjo
  - Boomerang
  - Military
  - Riverina
  - Snowy River
Waterproof Canvas/Mesh Crushable: - Drover Cooler
Felt: - Randwick
Leather: - Crocodile
  - Foldaway Cooler
  - Foldaway Oiled
  - Kangaroo
  - Safari
Oilskin: - Kodiak
  - Madison River
  - Equestrian Oilskin